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Am I in a standoff with Acer?

If you need to catch up on this saga, first post is here, second is here. Check out the Acer Nightmare tag to see all Acer related posts.

So, I sent out my laptop 1/6. I got an email saying it had arrived to the Temple, TX location on 1/10. I got a call on 1/13 that they would not fix my laptop, and that they would hold it until 1/20, and then ship it back, unrepaired. I’ve not heard anything from
Acer, and no sign of a laptop.

I’m not quite sure what to do here – I know I should probably call them, but I have a feeling that I would get a poorAcer representative on the line and then bust out crying. This is stressing me out, and Acer’s not doing a damn thing to help. It’s been all up hill.

The amount of money I have invested in this is huge. I spent $800 on the laptop, and an extra $100 a year later for an extended warranty. I just laid in bed last night, thinking. That’s $900. That would cover a beater car, that would cover health insurance for 9 months, that would cover my last class I need to take to graduate. Instead I’m sitting here, carless, uninsured, and ungraduated (..I had to quit with one class to go.)

I know the money is spent, and I spent it at the time when school was paid for, I had great insurance, and a car. And I know that I walked in there willingly, handed over $800, and paid for the laptop. But I suppose I had trust in the company, especially with (what seemed like) a really good warranty, that I would at least have a working and functional laptop for a while. Not something I can barely use and has this mythical liquid spilled in it (that was sarcasm, Acer. No liquid has ever been around the laptop. Especially mythical liquid, that shit is rough.)

And I suppose that I put faith in a company when they wanted to make things better, that they wanted to prove to me that their repair service isn’t full of bad excuses and bad repairs. They told me it would be fixed, and they would pay for shipping both ways to help me out. They wanted to make things better to the point of calling me and telling me that would happen.

And then once it got to Temple, TX, they changed their minds. They weren’t going to help me, no, they were going to leave me up a creek without a laptop. And now I have no idea where anything stands.

I’ve had a lot of hits for stuff like “acer, mark_hill”. It says he is the U.S. sales exec for Acer. I wonder if other people are also having big problems with Acer repair services? Who is looking for Mark Hill?


Public Transportation in Cincinnati

I save a lot of money by not having a car. I don’t have to make payments, pay insurance, registration, gas, any of that. My bike works well for me, and is a lot cheaper.

But I have had nothing but negative experiences thus far with Metro in Cincinnati.

First, I have been job hunting for 5 months. I have been offered numerous jobs – but when they hear that I will be using the bus, they actually take back their offer or decline to hire me because I don’t have my own transportation. When asked why, a lot of people, especially employers, don’t trust the bus system. It isn’t reliable, hard to use, long route times, etc.

Tomorrow I will be using the bus to go approximately 3 miles. From Walnut Hills to Hyde Park. The “bus trip planner” on the Go-Metro webpage offered 4 routes, 3 of which required transfers. For 3 miles. The trip planner kicks back with “unknown location” if you type out the words “street”, “lane”, etc., and that took me ages to figure out. And when you add in that the links on the sidebar don’t work on certain pages, it’s hard to manage. The font is small and hard to read, and the bus stops they list on the webage don’t use the same name or are not labeled on the actual bus route map. It took two of us, somewhat educated adults, to even figure out that it was route 11 that I needed, but we still haven’t determined where the actual stops are for certain.

So tomorrow I will go to (what I think is the location of) the bus stop close to here, hope a number 11 bus shows up within a half and hour, and hope that I get to Hyde Park. And then I will reverse that for the way home. I really feel that I am using some fly-by-night taxi service instead of a multi-million dollar aspect of Cincinnati that thousands have used. This town dumps a ton of money into the Metro system, but it’s not even easily accessible for people to figure out what route they need to use or where it picks up at.

An eloquent, nicely-written rant? No. But I hope that sooner or later this changes, because I am seriously tired of trying to use their circa-1997 style webpage and just “hoping for the best” in order to get myself to work on time.

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About Me

An always interesting but sometimes foul-mouthed blog of a 20-something just trying to save money in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Likes: cats, pink alcoholic drinks, my KitchenAid mixer, knitting.
Dislikes: Our health care system, celery.

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