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Getting better skin for cheap

Soon I will be reviewing and having tutorials using the minerals from Eyes Lips Face. In preparation for this, let’s work on getting better canvas for the makeup! This info is from my friend Abby’s blog, who has great information on how to clear up and get better skin for pennies on the dollar. I figured since we are doing makeup, let’s start with the face!

• Cleanse your skin using a gentle cleanser in order to remove surface oil, dirt and germs. If you have oily or combination skin, use a foaming gel cleanser; if you have dry skin, look for a creamier blend that won’t dry out your skin

• Exfoliate. Natural exfoliators include: Ground oats and pineapple. Grind oatmeal in your food processor and add 3 T. oats to 2T. plain natural yoghurt or whole milk. Apply to the face and remove after 10 minutes with a warm towel. Or put ¼ cup pineapple and 3 T. plain natural yoghurt into the food processor and pulse. Once combined apply to the face and remove after 10 minutes with a warm towel

• Massage- This is where having a partner to help is great. Here is a great protocol for facial massage:
• Apply the massage cream or lotion and begin massaging the face and neck areas in small symmetrical circles. The strokes should move up the neck and along the contour of the face. Do not leave out any facial muscles.
• Next, gently glide the back of the hands across the fore-head with light pressure. Placing the thumbs side by side on the center of the forehead with the hands cradling the face, draw the thumbs outward towards the temples and make a gentle sweeping movement around the temple. Repeat the movement several times to relieve tension in the temples.
• Apply pressure in the hollow areas under the eyebrows by placing the hands along the sides of the face; use the thumb to press gently under the ridge one spot at a time. Move the pressure point from the inner to the outer edge of the brows and repeat the thumb pressure. This technique can help relieve tension headache.
• Position the thumbs alongside the nose bridge with hands cupping the face. Firmly slide the thumbs downward to the nostrils and outwards along the contour of the cheeks applying pressure along the way. Gently release the pressure when the thumbs reach the hairline. Then pull both hands up alongside the face towards the top of the head and away from the face. Repeat this motion two more times.
• Position fingertips in the cheek muscles and gently make circling movements counter-clockwise for a few times moving along the cheek muscles. This motion alleviates tension in the cheek area.
• Gently stroke the ears with the index fingers and thumbs while moving along the rims of the ears. This technique is very relaxing and enjoyable.
• Position the fingers just behind the neck while pressing with a thumb pad on a spot in the jaw area and circling this spot before moving to the next one. Holding the chin with the fingers, stroke the chin with the thumbs using circular motions downward. Finish the jaw massage with gentle strokes alongside the chin. This movement releases tension in the mouth and jaw.
• Make circular motions on the scalp and comb the fingers through the hair to release tension from the face and the head and to stimulate the scalp.

• Finally, remove the massage cream or lotion with fresh and damp cotton pads. Most facials end with a special lotion applied to the face.

• Apply a mask. If you have oily or combination skin, use a clay-based mask; for dry skin, look for a hydrating mask. Most beauty supply stores or drug stores sell masks in small sachets if you do not already have a favorite mask. Apply mask to the skin, being careful to avoid the eye area (this can lead to sagging skin). Leave mask on for 10 to 20 minutes or as directed. Remove the mask with warm towels and follow with a light spritz of toner.

• Moisturize. Apply a light moisturizer in order to prevent dehydrating the skin. Look for a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher in order to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.



I need to replace my makeup brushes, so I asked my friend Abby (who is an esthetician) where I would be able to get inexpensive yet quality brushes, and she reminded me of a favorite place of mine, called Eyes Lips Face. Most of their products are a very good quality (lots of pigment) amazingly, most of their items are $1 each. Their mineral collection and makeup cases run a bit more, but they are still really, really affordable.

To add to the savings, RetailMeNot always has a Coupon Codes that you can use on your E.L.F. order. Get free shipping, or 50% off your order, or free items! How great is that? I plan on placing an order soon to replace all of my makeup brushes.

Also, keep an eye out for a new segment to the blog! I will be covering techniques and products for women’s beauty and skin care that are inexpensive and effective. I also want to being making makeup tutorials, like found on youtube, but featuring makeup that is more affordable – the tutorials often feature brands like MAC and Sephora, and while I love both brands, they can be hard to afford! I want to make easy to understand tutorials featuring makeup that can be found almost anywhere or easily attainable over the internet. Any suggestions or requests would be great!

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About Me

An always interesting but sometimes foul-mouthed blog of a 20-something just trying to save money in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Likes: cats, pink alcoholic drinks, my KitchenAid mixer, knitting.
Dislikes: Our health care system, celery.

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