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Free Quiznos Sub?

Has anyone else tried to redeem the coupons from Quiznos Million Subs Giveaway?

There seems to be a lot of hubbub over this one, which The Consumerist has covered pretty well. Since since issues with redeeming the coupons seem to be ironing out, I thought it would be safe to try to redeem the coupons both me and the boyfriend received. We got a reminder email from Quiznos last night to print the coupons. We did, and decided to find a location to visit today.

We found a location, although the nearest was 15 miles away. But it was a sort of lame adventure.. what else would we do on a random Saturday? We piled in the car and drove to it. Once inside though, it was a small nightmare. We were told our coupons were no good, they wouldn’t accept them, but then when I tried to find a corporate phone number to find they decided to “try to run the numbers through.” We stood there for a good half an hour while multiple employees told us different things and took info off of our IDs. In the end, though, the coupons were denied and we were told they were fake and no good. Surprising since we had printed the coupons directly from the Quiznos email the night before.

In the end all was not lost – we were so hungry by that point that we went to the Mexican place next door and had the best lobster chimichangas possible. Still, we were bummed, considering we thought we would try something new. And standing in that store for a half an hour smelling the food and then being denied was a whole ball of fun, lemme tell you.

I’m not totally ripping Qiznos a new one yet. I know that there has been a lot of miscommunication on this one between the store locations and corporate. I have emailed with the complaint. I’ll let you know how this turns out.

And as an update to this post concerning my trouble with enrolling in free prescription programs – the issue has seemed to resolve itself. One day GlaxoSmithKline just started randomly sending me bottles of my medication – granted, it’s what the prescription was for, so I won’t complain. AstraZeneca was actually a pretty good sport – after the 3rd phone call where they had “not received anything from my doctor” when I know the doctor faxed something in, in exasperation I said “What ARE you guys? Is this really a prescription program? Or an illegal drug front? What are you guys selling?!”

I really wouldn’t recommend that technique for someone trying to enroll, but the guy on the other end of the line was a great sport, laughed, and gave me his personal fax number. A week later I had the meds. So good for both of the companies.

There are some great blog posts coming up – one in which I ponder the price of $20 chicken breasts and decide to debone a whole chicken (it’s just chilling in the freezer now and I am scared shitless) and review awesome and inexpensive makeup. Good stuff!


Last Weeks Deals

Last week I did a quick trip to CVS and Walgreens.

2 Ghiradelli Chocolate Bars – $3

4 Glade Air Freshening Sprays – $7.96

6 6×9 inch bubble envelopes – $5.94

– $1 mfg coupon for Ghiradelli

– .50 store coupon for Ghiradelli

– 4 $1 off coupons for Glade

– 2 B1G1 coupons for Glade

– 3/$1 coupons for bubble mailers

Total OOP was $3.46

Total Savings was $13.44

Then I went to CVS, where I didn’t see anything – but I did see B1G1 Revlon Nailpolish. Turns out that it was from last weeks sale, but they honored it anyways.

So 4 Revlon Classic Nailpolish – $19.96

– B1G1 Store Sale

– 4 $2 MFG coupons

$1.98 for 4 nail polishes!

Total OOP was $1.98

Total Savings was $17.98

Total OOP for 9/23/07 – $5.44

Total Savings – $31.42

Now, tonight I was out and about, and I knew that Kroger had a couple of things that I could get completely free with coupons. I looked for the Cottonelle toilet paper that was 99 cents (with last weeks coupon doubled, it would be free) but they were out. But I did end up getting 5 tubs of  Land O’ Lakes butter free.

5 Land o’ Lakes butter – $11.95

– Store sale (10/$10)

– 5 .50 cent coupons (that they double)

Total OOP was nothing!

Total savings was $11.95

Also, I have been keeping track of the papers that I was buying, but I think I am going to change that. We use coupons when we grocery shop, although we don’t get the great deals that I can find at Walgreens, etc. But we do end up saving at least $50 per grocery trip. So since I know that I more than make the money back on the papers, I am going to stop counting them for my “savings” blog.

Total OOP so far – $41.87 (adjusted for not counting papers, $10 subtracted for 10 papers)

Total Savings so far – $214.74



I bought 4 more papers today. We saved $75 at the grocery store with store savings and coupons – got a LOT of frozen veggies for free! And people wonder if all that clipping pays off 😉


Free Makeup!

So I have been all excited because the P&G SuperSaver had B1G1 any Covergirl Lipcolor, and CVS had B1G1 free any Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor. Free makeup!

So I first went to CVS (I did this in 2 transactions, but I am going to make it one to make it easier):

4 Covergirl Outlast All day lipcolor @ $9.99 – $39.96

4 Covergirl Outlast Double lipShine @ $9.99 – $39.96

Total = $79.92

Minus CVS B1G1 – $39.96

Minus 4 MFG B1G1 -$0

Total OOP is $0

Total savings = $79.92!

$80 worth of Covergirl Lipcolor – FREE!

Then I went to Walgreens, where they had Covergirl Foundation, Powder and Blush B1G1. I only had $1 any Covergirl, but I needed new powder (it’s the brand I use, anyways!)

1 Covergirl Fresh Look Pressed Powder Compact – $5.99

1 Covergirl Professional Loose Powder – $5.79

1 Excedrin PM – $5.29

Total = $17.07

Minus Covergirl B1G1 – $11.28

Minus 2 $2 MFG Coupon for CG – $9.28

Minus Excedrin on sale for $1.99 – $7.98

Minus $2 coupon on Excedrin (making it FREE) – $5.98

Total OOP was $5.98

Total Savings = $11.09

They also gave me $1 RR for the Excedrin – essentially they paid me $1 to take it, but I am not going to count that as a coupon towards my savings until I spend it.

Total before coupons for both stores was $96.99

Total OOP for 9/01/08 was $5.98

Total Savings -$91.01

Add four Sunday papers and:

Total OOP so far = $46.43

Total Savings so far  = $171.37


Good scores

So today I headed out – I bought 4 papers this past Sunday, so I wanted to see what was out there.

Nothing too great – if they had eyeshadow in my color in the Revlon Colorstay I would have scored pretty well, but I didn’t want to spend money on something that I wasn’t sure I was gonna use.

First, I headed out to Walgreens.

2 Rimmel Mascara @ $3.49 each – $6.98

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid @ $1.99

Total = $8.97

Mascara was B1G1 – $5.48

Minus 2 Rimmel Mascara Coupons for $1 each – $3.48

Minus $1 store coupon for Dawn – $2.48

Minus 50c MFG coupon for dawn – $1.98

Total OOP was $1.98 for 2 mascaras and 1 bottle of Dawn.

Total Savings = $6.99

Then I headed over to CVS.

2 Edge Shaving Creams @ $2.99 each – $5.98

2 Boxes of Kotex Lightdays @ $6.89 – $13.78

2 Colgate Total Toothpaste @ $3.29 – $6.58

4 Colgate Toothbrushes @ .99 cents – $3.96

Total = $30.30

Edge was 2/$4 – $28.32

Minus 2 .75cent MFG coupons – $26.82

Kotex was 2/$9 – $22.04 (not the best price for these, but I use ’em!)

Minus 1 .75cent MFG coupon (ugh, only one!) – $21.29

Colgate Total was B1G1 – $18.00

Minus 2 $2 MFG coupon – $16.00

Minus 4 .75cent MFG coupons for the Toothbrushes – $13.00

Total OOP was $13.00

Total Savings was $17.30

Total OOP  8/28/08 – $14.98

Total w/o coupons – $39.27

Total savings – $24.29

Add four Sunday papers and:

Total OOP so far = $36.35

Total Savings so far = $80.36


Getting the hang of things

Sunday I went out and bought 2 more coupons, and then got another insert from the BF-in-laws. It should have dawned on me to start buying 3 papers – because when B1G1 offers come around, I use 2 coupons on one transaction and then always have 1 left over. I am also figuring out that I cannot just take my coupons in with me – I need to sit down and make a list of what I am going to purchase, and make a list. If not, I get so flustered that I forget half the things I went in for!

I’m also starting to get the hang of WordPress – apologizes if your comment doesn’t show up right away, I need to figure out a way so I don’t have to approve every comment! It also caught a couple legit comments as spam.

Anyways, the sales weren’t too great this week, but I did stop by Walgreens.

1 bottle Dove shampoo and 1 bottle Dove conditioner @ $4.99 each – $9.98

3 Sharpies @ .99cents each – $2.97

Total = $12.95

Dove was B1G1 – $7.96

Minus 2 $2 MFG coupon for Dove – $3.96 (making the Dove .50 cents a bottle!)

Minus Walgreens Coupon for Sharpies (making them .39 cents each) = $2.16

Total OOP was $2.16

Total savings – $10.79


Total spent of out pocket so far: $17.37

Total savings so far: $56.07


Quick Grocery Stop

So tonight the SO and I had to make a quick stop for some groceries. I took my binder with me – we got what we needed, staying mindful to what coupons I had. We spent $67.90, and had $14.49 in coupons, and $11.07 in in store savings. So our bill, in the end, was $42.34! It was nice being able to shave $25.56 off the bill. That’s almost 40%, only after one week of collecting coupons!

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Likes: cats, pink alcoholic drinks, my KitchenAid mixer, knitting.
Dislikes: Our health care system, celery.

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