Had a blood test recently?

I was perusing Bloglines this morning, and I noticed that The Consumerist posted that Quest Diagnostics have messsed up nearly 10% of their Vitamin D blood tests. Apparently the machines were calibrated wrong, giving results that amount to very dangerous and incorrect treatment to the patients:

An erroneously high result may mean patients will not take vitamin D supplements when perhaps they should, doctors said. And an erroneously low test result might lead in rare instances to a toxic overdose of vitamin D. When the Quest tests have been inaccurate, the reading has typically been too high, although not in all cases.

I know that Quest is used for a massive amount of doctor’s offices and hospitals around Cincinnati – I have probably had twelve blood tests done by them in the past two years, including Vitamin D. They say that they are notifying patients if there is a chance that their test was processed incorrectly, but if you have had health issues it may be beneficial to take the reins yourself and give Quest a call. They are offering free tests to those affected.

What gets my goat, though, is a medical director from Quest said: “We are kind of being penalized for going the extra mile”, due to the fact they are alerting any possible patients of incorrect blood test results.

Penalized? Really? No shit, man. You charge huge amounts for basic blood tests and process them incorrectly, and then you get angry when your customer/patients get upset? I have a bill sitting on my desk for $1.397.25 due to Quest processing my new insurance information incorrectly. They want me to pay them nearly $1400, which to me would equal a “new” car (I am currently -ess), and they have the gall to suggest that the patients are out of line when we want something that we pay hundreds of dollars for to be done correctly? What type of society have we turned in to when seeing a doctor is more expensive than seeing most prostitutes and medications can equal one paycheck and we pay these costs in order to get incorrect test results? I have spent thousands of dollars over the past three years chasing down a diagnosis that the doctors immediately wanted to label “fibromyalgia”, but I don’t buy it one bit. And you know what? Chasing this diagnosis and taking care of the things that were causing the “fibromyalgia” versus just taking the expensive meds the doctors want to shove down my throat to cover the symptoms has been the absolute smartest thing I have ever done. I’m finding tangible, treatable problems, and Quest can be sure as holy hell that if they didn’t fill their end of the bargain, I am going to be pissed.


1 Response to “Had a blood test recently?”

  1. April 20, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    I just had a blood test at Mercy Hospital in Anderson. They wanted to charge me $524.00 for this simple blood test (triglycerides and TSH). However, after Anthem Insurance processed the bill, the bill was discounted to $37.85; a whopping 93% discount because I was covered by health insurance.

    I’m now on an intellectual chase to see if the non-insured are being skewered by these incredible “retail” prices or if there is a way for the non-insured to find blood test laboratories who are charging realistic fees.

    Based on your message, I’m getting the distinct feeling that you are truly screwed if you don’t have health insurance in that no only will you not get any help making the payment, you will be screwed over by the hospitals and labs who will grossly over-charge you for services.


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About Me

An always interesting but sometimes foul-mouthed blog of a 20-something just trying to save money in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Likes: cats, pink alcoholic drinks, my KitchenAid mixer, knitting.
Dislikes: Our health care system, celery.

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